1) General lines and regulations governing the online contract

The general conditions listed below form an integral part of the online sales agreement between the buyer–consumer, who will be referred to below as "CUSTOMER", and the company "New Jager S.r.l.", which below will be called "SALES", and regulate the preliminary steps, the conclusion and execution.
The main rule of the regulation of this type of sale is D.lgs. 50/1992, D.lgs. 114/98, art. 18 (Trade Discipline), D.Lgs.158/99 (Consumer Protection in Distance Sales), Directive 200/31 of the European Community, D.lgs. 70/2003 and Articles. 1341 and ss. of the Civil Code.
Any changes to these general terms of sale will be disclosed by publication on the site and will only apply to contracts concluded after they come into force.

2) Online contract

The "online" contract, accepted on the website www.nuovajager.it, is intended between New Jager S.r.l., based in Basaluzzo (AL), Via Vecchia Novi No. 21 , (cap. 15060) and a consumer or users who are not consumers, through a telematics sales system called e-commerce. A consumer is defined as, in relation to contracts for the sale of goods or the provision of services, the individual acting for purposes unrelated to the business or professional activity, if any, carried out. Non-consumers are understood to be non-consumers under the above definition.

With the term e-commerce we refer to all those activities and exchanges of information that revolve around economic transactions between entities and organizations, including public administrations.

This contract must therefore be concluded exclusively through the telematics channel called the "Internet" at www.nuovajager.it. Below are the terms of sale set by the supplier, which will remain effective until they are changed by the supplier.
Any changes, corrections or updates will be listed in the section dedicated to the terms of sale that you find on the website www.nuovajager.it and will be effective from the time of their publication.

The contract will be the subject of the sale of accessories and spare parts of hunting and collectible weapons, all of which are free for sale and are not subject to the Police Laws of
State in relation to weapons or essential parts of them that the company New Jager Ltd., based in Basaluzzo Via Vecchia Novi No. 21 (cap. 15121), puts on the market "online", that is, using the system of remote selling made through the Internet through the website www.nuovajager.it.
Purchase orders for the products for sale must be made by filling in all its parts the appropriate order form that the Seller makes available on his website, and for legal purposes are to be considered as a contractual purchase proposal.

3) Contract refinement

This telematics contract, in light of the higher regulations, is understood to be concluded when the Customer receives by e-mail from the Seller the notice of the acceptance of the order by the latter through a pro forma invoice by e-mail.
This communication will contain a summary of the general and special terms applicable to the contract, information on the essential characteristics of the asset or service, and the detailed indication of the price, means of payment, withdrawal, delivery costs and applicable taxes.

4) Buyer's obligations

The Customer, with the confirmation by telematics of the order, declares that he has reviewed and fully accepted the terms of sale and payment indicated in the purchase process and in this contract; It also undertakes to read, print and maintain the sales conditions below as required by Articles 3 and 4 of D.lgs No 185/1999.

It is expressly forbidden to enter false and/or invented personal data within the data collection forms necessary for the fulfillment of the order, it is expressly forbidden, in addition, to enter third-party data or make multiple registrations for a single consumer. New Jager S.r.l. reserves the right to prosecute such actions and any other fraudulent action against it and/or against other consumers.

5) Sales prices and terms of purchase

All sales prices of items displayed in e-commerce include I.V.A. These prices may vary at any time without New Jager S.r.l. being required to give any notice; In any case, once the order of the product is placed, the same will not be affected by any change in price. The customer will be paid a contribution for the shipping costs of the purchased items.

Any charges for duties, customs and anything else or for non-appointment with the courier will also be borne by the customer. The promotional offers offered on the site are not cumulative and are valid to run out of stock according to the manner and limits of purchase expressly indicated from time to time; The products offered in promotion can be delivered in packages other than those shown as an example on the site.

6) Payment systems

The payment of purchased items and related shipping costs must be made by the customer in the following ways:

early bank transfer:

The bank details to be used to make the transfer are:

IBAN: IT 14 V08530 10400 000440113048

Transfer Reason: Specify the order code
Beneficiary of the Transfer: New Jager S.r.l. Via Vecchia Novi, 21 – 15060 Basaluzzo (AL)

The order will only be in operation when the amount is credited to New Jager Ltd.'s bank account.
The transfer must take place within 5 working days of the issuance of the order; after that period the order will be canceled.

7) Delivery

The delivery is carried out throughout Italy by express courier and is understood to be at the closest point, reachable by the courier, to the address indicated by the customer in the order.
At the time of shipment of the goods, a message will be sent to the customer's e-mail address where the courier and the number of the shipment will be indicated.

In the absence of the Customer at the time of delivery of the indicated place, an alert will be issued, following which it will be the responsibility of the customer himself to make contact in the shortest possible time with the Seller to agree on the delivery methods.

The terms of delivery are included from 1 to 3 working days (excluding the month of August and December) from the day after the day after the day when New Jager Ltd. received credit for the amount on c/c.
These terms are merely indicative and non-binding.
New Jager S.r.l. is in no way liable for direct or indirect losses resulting from the carrier delivering the products beyond the delivery date indicated in the general terms.

At the time of delivery, the customer will need to check the integrity of the packaging. In the event of a discrepancy, the customer must reject the goods and dispute this discrepancy directly to the carrier and send a written notice to New Jager Ltd. with their product photos in a timely manner.
Signing the delivery documents involves the unreserved acceptance of the goods by the customer. In the event of an impossibility to carry out an order due to the unrecoverability of the material or other factors inside or outside the company, New Jager Ltd. undertakes to inform the customer in a timely manner, returning to the latter the amount already paid.

Any responsibility of the Seller for any disruption, delay or omission in deliveries, attributable to chance or force majeure, is excluded. It is also excluded the aforementioned liability in case of fires, bursts, strikes, earthquakes, floods and other similar events that would prevent the execution of the contract in the manner and time provided by these General Conditions and the law.

8) When the product ownership is transferred

The right of ownership of the products purchased on this Site is transferred to the Customer only after the full payment of them or, after delivery, if the latter intervenes last. The risks of product breakage pass to the Customer at the time of delivery.

9) Characteristics of articles

Nuova Jager S.r.l. is not responsible for the improper use of the product or for use that does not comply with the regulations in force on weapons or parts thereof.

Nuova Jager S.r.l. reserves the right to modify without notice, in order to improve the quality of the offers according to the continuous technological evolution, the articles and characteristics of the goods on the site. The customer is responsible for the choice of the ordered items and for the compliance and compliance with their needs of the specifications indicated by Nuova Jager S.r.l.

10) Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is exercised with a written communication, to be sent to Nuova Jager S.r.l., at the headquarters by registered letter with acknowledgement of return or by telegram, fax or telex confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within the following 48 hours. The notice of withdrawal must indicate the number of the order with reference to which the right of withdrawal is exercised, the goods that the consumer intends to return and the indication of the method chosen for the return in his favor of the sum paid into the price account.

Nuova Jager S.r.l. will refund what is paid in the price account by the consumer in accordance with the terms of the law, in accordance with the different methods agreed with the latter.
The consumer must return the items, crammed into the original packaging, no later than 10 (ten) working days at his own expense and care
from the date of receipt of the same to Nuova Jager S.r.l. at the headquarters, by courier from time to time indicated by Nuova Jager S.r.l. itself. In case of withdrawal, the customer will be required to pay the full cost for the delivery, and not only the contribution for the shipping costs; the difference due by the customer will be retained by Nuova Jager S.r.l. at the time of reimbursement of the price previously paid.

The consumer who makes use of the right of withdrawal will be required to return the item perfectly intact, in all its parts. The Customer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal: in the case of the supply of custom-made, clearly customized goods or that, by their nature, cannot be sent back or risk deteriorating or altering rapidly; in the event that the non-collection of the ordered goods is attributable to the absence of the Customer from the place of delivery or, in any case, to his delay or other negligence; in the event that the products delivered in sealed packages or containers have been opened by the Customer.

11) Contractual termination and express termination clause

Nuova Jager S.r.l. has the right to terminate the contract concluded by giving simple communication to the customer; in this case, the customer will be entitled exclusively to the return of the sum already paid, expressly waiving any further claim as compensation.

The obligations assumed by the customer referred to in art. 4 (Obligations of the purchaser), as well as the guarantee of the good end of the payment that the customer makes in the manner referred to in Article 6 (Payment Systems) are essential, so that by express agreement, the customer's failure to fulfil only one of those obligations will result in the termination of the contract by law ex art. 1456 c.c., without the need for judicial judgment, without prejudice to the right for Nuova Jager S.r.l. to sue for compensation for further damage.

12) Competent court

Civil disputes relating to the application, interpretation, execution and violation of purchase contracts concluded online, through the Internet, through the www.nuovajager.it website are subject to these General Conditions, and to Italian Law. In particular, territorial jurisdiction is inesceptibly: of the court of the place of residence or domicile of the natural person acting for purposes unrelated to business or professional activity
possible turn (Final consumer, as identified by art. 1469bis, second paragraph, of the Civil Code), where located in the territory of the State. of the court of the place of execution of the contract, if the residence or domicile of the Final Consumer are located outside the Territory of the Italian State. of the Forum of Alessandria, if the Customer is the holder of a VAT number and buys to meet his business needs, and/or in the context of his entrepreneurial or professional activity (NON-CONSUMER).

13) Provision and processing of personal data

Personal data are collected for the purpose of registering the customer and activating towards him the procedures for the execution of this order and the related necessary communications; these data are processed electronically in compliance with the laws in force and may be exhibited only at the request of the judicial authority or other authorities authorized for this purpose by law. Personal data will be communicated to subjects delegated to carry out the activities necessary for the execution of the contract concluded and disseminated exclusively within the scope of this purpose, as expressly specified in Legislative Decree 196/2003. The person concerned
enjoys the rights of access to the data referred to in Art.7 Legislative Decree 196/2003. For any information and/or complaints the number to contact is 0143.489969 – by email: info@nuovajager.it.

14) Confirmation of the reading of the conditions of sale

The validation of the order placed cannot take place unless there is an explicit customer command aimed at confirming the reading of these General Conditions of Sale. In the absence of such a command, the computer system of the site will prevent the confirmation and, therefore, the validation of the order itself.

15) Guarantees and assistance to customers in case of need

Qualora il Cliente dovesse ravvisare anomalie, imperfezioni o difetti non imputabili al Venditore, potrà rivolgersi per ottenere risposte in merito alternativamente al nostro sito, mandando una e-mail a info@nuovajager.it, oppure ai seguenti numeri telefonici +39 0143 489 969.

16) Legge applicabile

Il commercio on-line dei prodotti presenti in questo Sito è interamente regolato dalla Legge Italiana. Per quanto non sia espressamente disposto nelle presenti Condizioni Generali, valgono le norme di legge e del Codice Civile agli artt. 1325 s.s. applicabili al contratto in generale, stipulato on-line dal Cliente con il venditore.

17) Dati Aziendali

Riportiamo di seguito i dati aziendali:

Nuova Jager S.r.l.
Via Vecchia Novi , 21
15060 – BASALUZZO (AL) Italy

Tel: +39 0143 489 969;
fax: +39 0143 489 707;

VAT number: 01884160068;
R.E.A. registration at the CCIAA of Alessandria 0207929

The Municipality of Basaluzzo has obtained the necessary authorization to carry out the activity of Electronic Commerce and Distance Selling as required by the legislation in force already mentioned in point 1) of this Regulation.