The experienced design team of Tangent Theta He combined lessons learned from using, designing, and supporting high-end optics into a new brand: SAI Optics™

The SAI Optics™ SAI 6 Variable Zoom Lens 1-6 is Perfect for sport and professional shooters.
Packed with features to assist in long-range shooting, but with an incredibly fast and sharp 1x reticule it's ideal for shooters who require accuracy, control and performance.





Lattice with quick sight function

SAI 6™ reticule incorporates exclusive "Rapid Aiming Feature™"

BDC ballistic compensation (in 100 m increments specific for 5.56 / 7.62×51 caliber)

reference points for maintaining drift with wind or moving targets and a practical "range finder" that helps the shooter quickly understand the distance to his target.


Accuracy at any magnification

The SAI™ series provides a robust and versatile solution for a variety of aiming and shooting needs with variable magnification. With an LED-illuminated foreground reticle (FFP), ballistic hold-off remains perfectly visible with precision at any magnification.

The patented Rapid Aiming Feature™ reticle and the wide and bright field of view improve effectiveness at close range by exploiting the optics as a real Red Dot.


Brilliant performance in harsh environments

The SAI 6™ lens incorporates a 24mm lens and a 38mm eyepiece, which provide excellent image quality in low light conditions. It also provides rapid acquisition and identification of the short, medium and long-range target.