New Jager

Passion. History. Innovation.

A passion born in 1949

NuovaJager is an Italian manufacturer of firearms in business since the 50s in Piedmont where it designs, prototypes, manufactures and maintains small arms for the military / law enforcement market and civil for sport, defense and hunting. The company is also engaged in the distribution and sale of valuable foreign manufacturing brands and collectible weapons and Ex-Military Ordinance.

Armed Forces Suppliers

Alongside the civilian production also began the study of some weapons type Bull pup intended to equip the army capable of firing both with broken ammunition pump operation and burst 9 caliber Parabellum cartridges.

Growing in the name of continuity

With the honor of keeping alive the legacy of the Founder, NuovaJager continued to pursue excellence in the production and sale of sporting weapons until July 2009 when the company, thanks to the new (and current) owner Mr. Massimiliano Locci, shifted its focus, from a niche sporting weapons manufacturer and small repair shop to a full-fledged manufacturing company of high-quality modern firearms Mil-Spec and Military grade.

After establishing the brand as one of the Italian leaders in the field of modern sporting and defensive weapons as well as as one of the main European retailers and distributors of weapons Ex-ordinance, the Company with its production branch (NJ-Arms) has successfully managed to be awarded the honor and responsibility of designing, producing and providing maintenance for automatic and semi-automatic rifles AR15 / AR10 / AR9 and small arms "custom" for special purposes for multiple CPT departments and elite units of the Italian and foreign Armed Forces and Order Forces.

New Jager today:
Quality and innovation

Our company, strong in the ability and flexibility to respond to customer questions thanks to the "Know How" of almost half a century of firearms craftsmanship and projected, with its vision, towards the future, continues the process of expansion and improvement with the acquisition of a new production plant and a new branding that will be completed by the end of 2022 (doubling the current square footage of the Manufacturing area and introducing new figures and high-quality machinery precision) to bring "internally" the totality of production with constant and reliable quality control processes and pre and post sales assistance up to the most demanding demands of the modern military and civil market.