CANNA con UPPER 18" (code. CC00079A)

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CANNA con UPPER 18" (code. CC00079A)


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barrel length:

  • 45,7 cm

Available gauges:

  • .223R ( MMR multiradial)
  • .300BLK (1/8)
  • .223R
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  • Aeronautical aluminum upper receiver 7075T6 with power ramps
  • hard anodizing, matt black 35/40 microns thick
  • low profile gas socket block for the .223R, 1/2 × 28 thread and cage compensator
  • low profile and adjustable gas socket block for .300Blk, thread 5/8 × 24 and proprietary flame arrestor.
  • floating rod cover in 6061T6 matt black anodized aluminum with K-mode rail application system
  • supplied with two 10 cm picatinny rails
  • CIP test of the Italian National Test Bench

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