For those who do not have the opportunity to buy the Dagger version with Purchase Title and the subsequent complaint, we have made the version of free sale, demilitarizing a dagger EXTREMA RATIO from the 1st Regiment " to which we have removed the upper wire ", the result is a beautiful knife that maintains its martial characteristics and officiality without bureaucratic problems. Recall that the blade in question has been officially adopted in about 300 specimens with design and specifications directly from the department and have been used since the missions in Afghanistan (since 2001), ISAF and ENDURING FREEDOM (2003); Iraq (since 2003), MSU and Gaza Strip (since 2006), EUBAM RAFAH. They are equal to the new in their original packaging complete with sheath and double buffet to fit the type of uniform.

The knife is sold with a certificate of originality and demilitarization.